What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

In recent news, a lot has been discussed about VPN. Yet, numerous people still ask this inquiry: what is VPN service? Well, to reply to that inquiry we are required to define what a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It is a computer structure that employs a public link (mostly the internet) to join computers that belong to the matching network together. It uses a coded channel to emit and accept data from one computer to another, making it secure and unreadable by other workstations that do not belong to the VPN.

What is VPN service?

A VPN service is a product that VPN firms deliver to entities and firms to permit them to belong to a VPN cluster, so that they can use the service to send and accept data securely over a coded channel from and to a computer belonging to the same VPN group.

A lot of people utilize a VPN service for dissimilar reasons and in order for us to fully understand what a VPN service is; we have to familiarize ourselves with its different uses and functions.

Usages of a VPN Service

  • Individuals and Firms use a VPN service to safeguard their confidential data from other rival companies and malicious individuals
  • Firms use a VPN service to link their branches from diverse locations
  • Personnel and Student uses a VPN service, so that they can retrieve work and academic files from any whereabouts
  • Tourists use a VPN service so that they can view their favorite films even when they are in another nation
  • Persons from nations with internet restraints use a VPN service, so that they can view contents that are forbidden in their respective nations
  • People use a VPN service to hide their identities and conduct activities anonymously


How to Use VPN?

Now that we know what is a VPN and what a VPN service can do for us, we can now illustrate how to use a VPN in our devices. But before we proceed with the steps needed to arrange your VPN, we must primarily comprehend that there are dissimilar VPN configurations for different devices. And in order for us to comprehend this facts, we must first recognize what a VPN configuration is.

What is VPN Configuration?

A VPN configuration is the setup needed in order for a specified device, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile phone, to function and interconnect with a VPN. It also takes into consideration the platform operated by the device (Windows, IOS, Mac, Android), because It will act as an intermediary amongst the VPN platform and the device platform.

The Following are the steps needed in order for us to operate VPN in our devices:

Step 1: Turn on your device and connect to the internet

Step 2: Procure and install the VPN software from your VPN provider’s Website or if you are using your company’s or Institution’s VPN, communicate your system supervisor to get guidelines on how to procure the VPN software for your device

  • If you are using a VPN provider, make sure that you pick out the exact VPN configuration software to procure according to your device. If you are using an IPod, then you must procure the VPN configuration software for the IPod
  • If you are using a company or school VPN, make certain to ask if your device is compatible with the VPN configuration software that they deliver

Step 3: After installing the VPN configuration software, you then need to launch it by double clicking on the software icon or by launching it on your device program manager

Step 4: After your VPN software is launched, it will take you into a window, where it will ask for your username and password. Enter your username and password, so that you can connect and use your VPN

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