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            OverPlay is a top VPN service provider. They have servers in 47 different countries as well as a SmartDNS service. The VPN service at .net allows you to encrypt your information and make your IP address anonymous without any bandwidth restrictions. The SmartDNS unblocks access to websites and is compatible with a variety of systems including Xbox360, Apple TV and more. OverPlay uses specific servers dedicated to both SmartDNS and VPN services so you can connect to the best server for your needs. SmartDNS is exclusively for streaming multimedia and does not include encryption in order to enhance the speed of your connection.


            OverPlay values the privacy of its customers and will never share information about you with a third party unless required to do so by law. There is absolutely no logging of information. While visiting the OverPlay.net website usage patterns may be recorded to ensure the functionality of the site but the information is not user-specific. In addition, this VPN provider does not take logs of your activity while you are connected to their servers. OverPlay may turn on logs if they suspect there is a problem but this is only done as a last resort. These logs are immediately deactivated once the problem has been identified.


            When you subscribe to the SmartDNS service, you will be able to access websites that have been blocked based on your geographic location. This service is similar to the VPN service but there is absolutely no loss of speed because you are not connected through a VPN server. Your information is not encrypted so is generally only used for multimedia streaming. The SmartDNS service does not require any software – only a simple configuration change is needed. If you want to enhance your internet security then you can use the VPN service provided by OverPlay.net. With this service your information is encrypted when you connect through a VPN server. This allows you to browse the internet anonymously and prevents unauthorized parties from accessing your information. You can also use the SmartDNS service if you have subscribed to the OverPlay VPN service.


            When you use SmartDNS the speed will be equal to your internet connection because you are not connecting through a different server. This means you can stream movies, music and other media without experiencing any interruption. In most cases the speed of your internet will not be significantly affected by a VPN server. However, it is possible that some activities may be slower. The most common factor that affects the speed of your internet is the distance your ISP is from the VPN server.


            There are two different packages available at OverPlay. The SmartDNS package gives you access to only the SmartDNS service. When you subscribe to the VPN service you have access to all of the OverPlay servers and the SmartDNS service. OverPlay is a pay as you go service and you only pay for 1 month at a time. You do not have to sign a contract and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

            Options Cost Per Month
            SmartDNS $4.95
            VPN and SmartDNS $9.95

            Customer Support:

            If you have any basic questions about the services at OverPlay you can first refer to the frequently asked questions section. If you need to speak with a customer support representative directly then you can use the live chat function on the website. If you have a technical issue or any questions about your service then you can submit a customer support ticket. The customer support staff is always on standby and will get to your ticket as soon as possible.

            Ease of Use

            OverPlay has designed the SmartDNS and VPN service to be very easy to use. The SmartDNS does not require any software download and it is automatically configured for you. The automated download and installation process of the VPN service is also simple and does not require a great deal of involvement on your part. The interface also allows you to quickly and easily connect to a VPN server at any time. Overall, OverPlay is a high quality VPN provider and offers a great service at a low price.