Who Are The Fastest VPN Service Providers?

Security is an important concern today, especially if anyone or anything is going online. It is due to this case that a fast VPN is needed to meet satisfaction. A fast VPN provider needs to ensure that their customers do not suffer from speed degradation once they start using their service. Getting the fastest free VPN service that assures anonymity is what many customers need. As long as security is assured, and the YouTube stream is working well then it is the ideal service provider to go for.

Based on speed test done in an environment, when they have a VPN service and don’t, is used to outline the best VPN providers. The outlined gave a performance of more than 90% in terms of network speed. Hence, no deterrence is felt if one is directly connected to the network or through VPN.


  • Private Internet Access


With a speed test of 98.8%, the positives include super-fast speed connection. This provider entails fastest VPN server that doesn’t store any logs, which offer great gratitude when it comes to privacy. They accept Bitcoins and the features provided by the VPN client are robust e.g. Android app and P2P. The negative side of the provider is that it is a US company, hence limiting itself to clients within that territory.

  • VPN.S

Is an all-round service provider that enjoys speed test results of 94.8% and supports lots of countries across the globe. One great disadvantage is that these providers are pricey, and one can’t be sure if logs are stored or not. Despite the calls for ‘no logs’, the service also doesn’t support P2P communication such as torrents.

  • AirVPN

AirVPN does not store any logs and features 256-bit AES encryption, bitcoin, P2P, statistical support and speed of 94.2%.The client from other regions can appreciate the service because the provider has not limited itself around US. On the negative side, one device is connected once, but additional connection has a price tag imposed on them.

  • CyberGhost

What is enjoyed is speed of 92.6%, and no logs are kept. The VPN service is groovy, supports P2P and offers a free service. What about the cons? The Romanian company is associated with having VPN client supported on Windows, and they do not provide any support for Bitcoin.

  • CactusVPN

Their speed rate is 92.5% with no usage logs retention. The custom client is so great and the uniqueness of it is the support of per-app killing. OpenVPN encryption, 256-bit AES is supported together with P2P. The clients are very smart, but Bitcoin payment is not an option. Connection logs from clients are stored for three days hence not very admirable to customers who take anonymity very seriously. What about support? It offers limited Android and IOS support.

These are some of the best VPN service providers that assure security and speed because these two factors are very crucial. One cannot do without the other because no one is willing to sacrifice one for the other.

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