What Is the Best Personal VPN Service to Ensure Anonymity?

What is the most fundamental purpose when it comes to personal VPN service? Privacy must be safeguarded. Not all VPN services assure anonymity thus privacy is a challenge. It is brought about by personal VPN server, which is responsible for logging one’s IP addresses for a long period.

The best personal VPN should ensure that its users IP addresses are not visible to others. There are many people online that use VPN hence it is a security concern if such information is exposed to various parties. The single purpose of a VPN is to assure the user that he/she will maintain the anonymity while connecting to the internet. It gives one a splendid security option to prevent against threats and risks associated with internet e.g. snooping

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Demand for best personal VPN service grows if the service assures its clients of the following.

  1. The service does not store any form of logs. This is to prevent such information from being calculated where an IP-address can be matched to the timestamp.
  2. Provide tools to mitigate and monitor any form of abuse incurred by the service.

Which companies are the best service providers for VPN services? Here are providers who have been identified to offer the best;

  • Private Internet Access

No form of session data or traffic is logged which always is not an easy task. It is one of the few service providers that operate in multiple countries across the globe. They ensure compliance related to data retention, which differs from one country to the other. To assure privacy, they do not monitor any traffic or period generated by their clients.


Most of the excellent service providers do not log any information in relation to their users. Twenty-three countries and counting are number of places where this VPN service is enabled for use. What about problem identification? They use a commercial monitoring software consisting of custom scripts to ensure commercial servers are monitored. This action offers a form of service level agreement to ensure uptime.


No-log policy is upheld, and also P2P is part of the service. They make use of OpenVPN, which entails one of the strongest encryption algorithms. The information being transmitted on the trunk is in a form that only the destination will understand. Any type of protocol, servers, traffic and ports are not limited at all.


Consist of a tool known as PSAD whose task is to ensure there are zero attacks from their customers. Rate-limiting is part of tables solution so as to reduce SPAM occurrences. Same as other providers; OpenVPN, which supports encryption with the strongest cipher on the market, AES-256. What about key exchange? A 4096-bit RSA keys are implemented for authentication and key-exchange.


Not only don’t they keep any log files, but also allow torrent traffic. This is unique, the only way that they can monitor one’s traffic is if they receive a court order. Any form of abuse that frequently is experienced on VPNs have preventive measures. They block the IP together with the traffic responsible.

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